Privacy policy

Description of data file pursuant to section 10 of the Personal Data Act [1] on 27 November 2017

1. Data file controller

Plan International Suomi sr
Business ID: 1498487-2
Lautatarhankatu 6
00580 Helsinki
Tel.: +3589 6869 800
email: info(at)
Representative of the controller:
Risto Sivonen

2. Name of data file

Personal data file of clients and other interest groups of Plan International Suomi sr.

3. Purpose of processing personal data

Plan International Suomi sr processes personal data in order to maintain the information of donors, to maintain and administer client relations, to inform about the activities of Plan International Suomi sr, to coordinate the voluntary work, and to plan and develop the activities of Plan International Suomi sr with different methods. Plan International Suomi sr also processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act to other purposes relating to the activities of Plan International Suomi sr.

Information in the data file is used to informing the client and possibly to direct marketing in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

4. Information in the data file

The following information is recorded in the data file when appropriate:

  1. Contact details
  2. Client number or sponsor number
  3. Sex, date and year of birth, communication language preference

5. Regular data sources

The regular sources of information contained in the data file are the data subject in person when he takes a part in inquiries, contests or lotteries, when he orders a newsletter or a publication, when he registers to the online service, or when he takes up sponsoring, donates, or purchases something in the online store of Plan International Suomi sr. In addition, the information gathered in touch with client service and maintaining of the data may be recorded.

Plan International Suomi sr may also gather, record and update personal data from various directories, data files and other public information sources, such as the population register and other similar services.

6. Regular data disclosures and transfer of information outside of the European Union or European Economic Area

Plan International Suomi sr does not regularly disclose information to outsiders. Plan International Suomi sr may release information when it is required by law or the data subject himself.”

For technical reasons and practical reasons concerning the use of the data, information may be stored in servers of the subcontractors Plan International Suomi sr uses, or these subcontractors may process information. This can mean that the data is processed outside European Union or European Economic Area.

7. Principles of data file protection

A. Manually maintained materials: Stored in a locked space which only authorised personnel may enter.

B. Materials in machine language: The use of the data file is instructed and the access to the data file is restricted in the manner that only employees, whose assignments require access to information maintained using electronic information systems, may access and process information.

Data processing system is behind a firewall and protected via protection program of the operating system. Access to the system requires that every user uses a personal user name and password. The right to access the system is restricted with personal rights of access (personal user name, password, user classification) and only to data necessary in employee’s assignments.

Donations via website and the payments in our online store are made through banks’ secured connections.

The employees processing personal data are obliged to secrecy pursuant to section 33 of the Personal Data Act and subject to penal provisions pursuant to section 48 of the Personal Data Act. Information is told or disclosed to outsiders only based on legal obligations such as request of public authority based on law or request of the data subject himself.

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